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What are we looking for?

We look for companies that have a clear and scalable business model,
disruptive through the use of technology, capable of generating a moat
and becoming leaders in their sector.

We are interested in projects that have a team of founders with great execution capacity and who share our philosophy and principles. Executed by leaders who can weigh the risks and benefits of a business strategy that considers all the stakeholders of a project..

Our investment policy considers several factors including:

What do we invest in?

Our interest is in disruptive companies that have an innovation component as a source of value creation. Also, that they have a scalable business model and a great management team to carry it forward.

What are the investment requirements?

Our focus is on companies with an MVP, which in their initial phases are already generating revenues. We are interested in evaluating realistic growth plans where we can forecast business risks and capabilities to become a leading company.

Are there any geographical limitations?

We focus on LATAM as the main market, but we continuously evaluate opportunities in the USA and Europe.

In which stage do we focus on?

We participate from the Seed to Series B stages. The Magna team can actively participate by leading or co-leading investment rounds

In which sectors do we invest?

Magna has an opportunistic approach, investing in different sectors (food, health, energy, fintech, among others) where the company under analysis meets the criteria of disruption, scalability and management with execution capacity.

How long is the investment process?

Based on our experience, in the business cases that we see potential, we aim to present an offer/feedback within two weeks. In that period, we will have at least one or two meetings with the company team.


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